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RDA|EBC Front Disc Pads Holden,Mitsubishi

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Quality RDA/EBC front disc pads to suit some Holden Frontera and Mitsubishi Pajero models:

Holden Frontera* ** UES 1995-1998 2.0 i
Holden Frontera* UES 1999-2003 3.2 i
Holden Frontera* ** UES 1999-2001 2.2 i
Mitsubishi Pajero NM 2000-2002 2.8 TD
Mitsubishi Pajero NM 2002 3.2 TD
Mitsubishi Pajero NM 2000-2002 3.5 i
Mitsubishi Pajero NP 2002-2006 3.2 TD
Mitsubishi Pajero NP 2002-2004 3.5 i
Mitsubishi Pajero NP 2003-2006 3.8 i
Mitsubishi Pajero*** NS 2006-2008 3.2 TD
Mitsubishi Pajero*** NT 2008-2011 3.2 TD

Please note the asterisks above:

Other Part numbers used on these vehicles, *RDB1270SM, **RDB1116SM, ***RDB1482SM

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