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Pair of RDA Performance Front Disc Rotors Colorado,D-Max

Price: $344.00
Including GST $31.27
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Pair of quality RDA8260D grooved and dimpled performance front disc rotors Holden Colorado and Isuzu D-Max models:

Holden Colorado RG 2012-2015 2.8 TD
Holden Colorado RG 2012-2013 2.5 TD
Isuzu MU-X All 2013-2016 3.0 TD
Isuzu D-Max All 2012-2016 3.0 TD

*Always check specifications on Colorado vehicles before ordering*

The RDA Grooved and Dimpled Brake Rotor

Want better braking performance?

  • Want enhanced brake safety?
  • Want to improve the look of your alloy wheels?
  • Want all this without costing an arm and a leg?

Rotors & Drums Australia ( RDA) offers the largest range of performance brake rotors available in Australia.

RDA Grooved and dimpled rotors provide a cost effective solution to improve the stopping performance
of any make or model of motor vehicle with the following engineered characteristics:

  • Increased dissipation of water, dust and road grime from the contact area of your braking system.
  • Improved integrity of the pad and rotor surface, through deglazing of the contact area.
  • Directional slotting surface also combats “out-gassing" which is caused by gas from the brake pad bonding agent forming a cushion between your pad and rotor and thereby reducing pad “bite".

Type Vented
A = Diameter 300
B = Original Height 40
C = Original Thickness 27
D = Min Thickness ie Replacement 25
E = Centre hole 88
F = No of bolt hole 6