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Hitch-Ezy - The Rolls Royce Coupling

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Customer Q & A
The Rolls Royce of couplings Hitch-Ezy.

Why Hitch-Ezy is Australia's premium quality coupling for your trailer, camper or caravan?

  • Their automatic double locking is a major safety feature. The disengaged coupling remains in the unlocked/ready-to-engage status so the coupling does not need to be manually opened during the coupling process and automatic double locking occurs upon full descent of the sleeve over the tow-pillar. 
  • Critically though, only the Hitch-Ezy automatic double locking mechanism will continually re-lock itself if there is third party interference with the connected coupling during the owners absence. 
  • Naturally Hitch-Ezy offers unlimited articulation and towing is both smooth and silent.
  • Hitch-Ezy's patented tow-pillar design ensures that the coupling will always release smoothly regardless of any angle or residual sideways, forward or backward load between the towed and towing vehicles. No more episodes of lifting the back of the tow vehicle up as you wind up the jockey wheel!
  • The diameter of Hitch-Ezy's tow-pillar head is much larger than its competitors and this ensures that it is easier to engage by either a "drop on" or "back into" technique (see videos links below).
  • The use of forged rather than cast components adds to safety as does the design which precludes loss of a yoke pivot bolt.
  • Available in 3.5T & 5T options
  • 7/8" & 1-1/4" options


A major point that sets this hitch apart from many others is that the pivoting and load point of the Hitch-Ezy is exactly where the hole in your tongue is, not rearwards. This system doesn't put extra load via leverage or cantilevering onto the tow bar, which can add unnecessary stress.

Beyond 4x4 comment:  "As we like to test out as much new gear as we can, we decided to install one of these couplings onto our own camper trailer, and have to say it is by far and away the easiest, fastest and most secure method of connecting up our vehicle to the trailer that we have experienced."