BlackVue Battery Packs

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B-112 Specifications
B-124X Specifications
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The BlackVue Battery Add-Ons enable parking mode for your BlackVue system.  The BlackVue battery range (model B-112 or B-124X) protects your car battery from discharging and going flat.  Bypass your vehicle's battery by using a reliable LiFePO4 battery to power your BlackVue dashcam.

The BlackVue B-112 & B-124X Battery Pack are dedicated batteries to store power. Whilst the Power Magic Pro will only use the power from your car's battery,  a high quality lithium-iron battery ensures excellent reliability and performance.

The BlackVue B-124X comes with Bluetooth capabilities. Use the BlackVue application to access your B-124X's vital statistics.

See important information such as usage time, input voltage and current.


Explore the benefits of using Parking Mode in your car with your BlackVue dash cam. Parking Mode is enabled by hard-wiring your dash cam into your car, giving it power once your car is switched off. When Parking Mode is on, the cameras will provide enhanced security by recording anything that happens when you're not there.

 Increased Vehicle Security  Record Hit & Run Incidents Catch & Record Suspicious Activity


The BlackVue battery packs are easy to use, user-friendly devices that do not require any professional installation to start using. Simply plug the device into your car's cigarette lighter, and the battery will charge as you drive.

If you would like to conceal your BlackVue battery pack, we recommend consulting an auto electricion for professional installation.



Professional installation is recommended for installing the battery pack into your vehicle if you require a faster charging time. The B-124X and B-112 can be hard-wired into an ignition (+) circuit and a ground (-) circuit. Follow the manual and videos for install help guide. If you are unsure at any time in hardwiring these units, we recommend you contact an auto electrician for assistance.

B124 Hardwiring Diagram