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PARTS COOLING TRANSMISSION COOLERS JEEP JK Wrangler Transmission Cooler 2007-2011
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JEEP JK Wrangler Transmission Cooler 2007-2011

Price: $375.00
Including GST $34.09
Part No#: MMTC-WRA-07BK
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The Jeep JK is known to experience high transmission fluid temperatures, especially when off-roading or driving in hot climates. 
Mishimoto has developed an ideal upgrade for reducing temperatures with their direct-fit transmission cooler kit, engineered specifically for the JK chassis. This kit uses precision-engineered brackets to mount a large 19-row cooler in the front grille area, thus maximizing airflow and providing significant increases in cooling efficiency. 
This kit significantly reduces transmission fluid temperatures, resulting in decreased transmission wear and improved vehicle safety. 
The Mishimoto Jeep JK Transmission Cooler Kit includes all lines and hardware necessary for an easy installation. 
This kit is a perfect complement to the Mishimoto Jeep JK oil cooler kit and the Mishimoto all-aluminum radiator for the ultimate cooling solution for your Jeep JK.

As with all their products, this kit includes the Mishimoto lifetime warranty.

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