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ELECTRICAL EON GAUGES EON Diesel/Performance Turbo Boost Gauge
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EON Diesel/Performance Turbo Boost Gauge

Price: $70.00
Including GST $6.36
Part No#: 1EG-TBDB
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The turbo boost gauge has basically become a must have item for turbocharged and supercharged engines, so EON have released their premium quality 52mm diesel turbo boost gauge. The EON Series 1 gauge also offers an innovative screw clamp system to ensure your gauge stays put. These OEM (original equipment manufacturer) gauges will offer you outstanding accuracy without breaking the bank.

The EON diesel turbo boost gauges are also ideal for performance petrol engines particularly those with boost controllers, so you can see exactly what pressure is being rammed into your engine.

EON Series 1 gauges are an electric style so the only thing entering your cabin is wiring, no hoses etc. They also feature 4 backlight colours to compliment your default interior lighting.

Full 12 months replacement warranty (some conditions may apply, see eonproducts.com.au for details)

Feature of the EON Series 1 Diesel Turbo Boost gauge:

  • Electric type
  • 0 - 30psi
  • Warning flash > 25psi
  • 52mm diameter
  • Black dial face
  • Orange needle
  • Alloy bezel
  • Screw clamp system
  • Backlight colours - White, Red, Blue and Green
  • All fitting hardware, sensors, 1.8mt cables, fitting instructions included
  • Conventional strap mounting clamp also included for on dash installations

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